• Chairman's Letter

    We are trying to never make concession to our principles and values in order to be a more powerful brand that is mentioned in the sector with the concepts of "confidence", "happiness" and "quality" and a powerful institution that is at an esteemed position not only in our country but also in the international platform and to reach our target.

    With ethical values, responsibility, knowledge and experience that we have, our most important targets are to put signature on the human oriented projects that make contribution to the international quality standards and aesthetic of the city and increase the value added that we create for happiness of all shareholders and country and allow for sustainability of being a reliable and pioneer institution in the sector.



    Seyfi Beyaz was born in Gümüşhane. After he completed his secondary and high school education in Istanbul, he was graduated from Canakkale Vocational School of Higher Education. In order to carry out activity in the Construction Business that was the occupation of his father, he established Beyaz Inşaat at the age of 25 with brother Muzaffer Beyaz as separate from his father and took the chair of Executive Board.

    Biggest hobby of Seyfi Beyaz who likes walking in his spare times is automobiles. Seyfi Beyaz is married and father of 2 male and 1 female children.

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